Intimate Resistance

Intimate Resistance

Adhisuryo, July 19th 2011


 Humanity is only human if people have this “no-man’s-land”


In this rapidly changed world of ours today, it seems there are no times to rest whatsoever. People can’t even rest their mind from information, we can’t stop craving on information. Thanks to the advancement of telecommunication technology, people seem to race every day just not to get left behind. Because when people get left behind becoming the awkward, the invalid, not much of a standard of the society nowadays. How come we become like this? This kind of question might not get into everybody’s mind. To be honest it might just came to few person in our group of men and women (friends), truly maybe it just a glimpse on their mind. The few, who dwell on the question how we become so controlled by something we can’t run, may sit right next to us. Yet we didn’t really know what it is really on their mind. We may talk, but never really about their perspective of mind.

As the same human living in the technological intrusion, AMMEN (Andro M. M. Napitupulu) cannot escape using some. AMMEN must adapt to the society condition, while continuously feels inconvenient. Even though AMMEN resisting some effect of these technological intrusion to his behavior, at the same time there is some kind of intimacy from AMMEN given to the technology. This intimacy means that AMMEN himself is accepting technology as part of his sense of ‘self’. The experience of awkwardness is the main motives of AMMEN to draw some lines. To draw some lines means to constantly challenging himself keeping a track of his past. Not to lose his past to this materialistic driven system. To make sure to himself, making his own reference, so he can get along while keeping the intimate resistance.

Dying Fetus(s), Ink + digital print on paper, R = 9.5 cm

The intimacy and resistance over technological advancement at the same time is the reason of the alienated feeling that represented in many of AMMEN works. In all of his works, the images presented were giving us a feel of foreignness. Thus, as of alienated people find difficulties to differ imagination and reality, AMMEN giving birth to that image between imagination and reality. So we can guess the actual feeling that should really bother us.

‘More Human Than human#2’, Ink coffee tobacco + blood on canvas, 100 x 70 cm

The works given by AMMEN brings us the shadow of our everyday living. As the shadows keep up with us all the time, the same thing happened to the other reality. The other impact of technology and globalization brings to humanity. One of the impacts of technology and globalization is that the world becomes full of individuality and separation (one from another). These other reality called profane world is so different with the sacred world AMMEN knows. In the sacred world or traditional culture, the ecstatic fusion is encouraged, where the sacred is involved in the violation of boundaries.

St. Phallus Benedictus, Mixed media, R =20 cm, h = 25 cm

AMMEN’s works presents the desire to disturb, to challenge and to disrupt the totalizing gestures that continually threaten to consume us. The fall behind technology and globalization gave birth to other horrid terms to AMMEN’s sense. The mutated beings were born to adapt the technological advancement. As we know not all mutated being survive the natural selection. AMMEN giving us some of the remains of these mutated beings to be watched by us. Not just the skeletal remains, AMMEN also giving us some of the mutated being for us to see.

Observing these works, we will see some kind of monster thus we created to ourselves. We can see that these beings are mutated from its early shape, and these beings are not just everyday creatures we see. These beings are creatures from traditional culture around the world. Serpent for example, exists in many cultures all round the world. AMMEN brings back the remnants so we can witness the new serpent’s shapes.  The other creature is known in Indonesia as “Jenglot”, a tiny monster pet that fed on blood. These last two samples shows AMMEN tendency to bring the other reality to become more realistic. A tendency, to explore sculpture, as the next step to bring these terrible creatures to become more alive.

serpent and jenglot

These works of AMMEN were actually a self critic and a way to humanize him and others. These works, given by AMMEN, give us some eerie feeling or sometimes a shock.  The same shock like our shadow given to us when we were not noticing them for too long. AMMEN intentionally stand confronting profane spirituality to give us a moment of shock so we may rethink our spirituality. We may already forget how to behave and think within this reality, but AMMEN brings us a remembrance. That the boundary between the real and fantasy become difficult to be identified, and must continually be renegotiated.


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